The day of reflection. There’s the saying Sunday blues , Sunday funday, it’s that one day out of the week , for most of us, that get a little extra “me time”. What are you doing this Sunday?

The purpose of my sundays have varied for the last couple of years. It was Barnes and nobles Sunday’s, where I’d take the day to read my favorite book and stay fully caffeinated throughout the day. I enjoyed fliopoing pages of an interesting business book, while intermittenly wondered through the window day dreaming about what the future held. My day dreaming cobsisted of me thinking about my wife; working on a better version of myself. A lot of time was spent focusing on improving my busoness, and strategy.

Sunday’s this summer have been riding days, heading out on the open road, very much doing the same, reflecting on life. It’s amazing feeling how setting some time aside to think can really be meditative for the soul.


Design at Hone

What could make design easier ? More available to all of us. The question has been eating at me. If you don’t have the $5,000 to $10,000 budget to hire a designer should you have to rely just on magazines?

The silicon valley startup that has really defined how we all (regardless of budget) can access deskgn. It’s like unlimited magazine of design ideas for just about every space. Taking it a step forward , anyone can comment – not just designers , celebrities, selected commenters by a publication .

It’s an open forum on design. It’s powerful what happens when everyone has a voice.

I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it in the theater.

Pessimistic , but I get the sense  that more people are okay with watching a torrent downloaded or a China town boot legged dvd, and say it was good but I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it in the theater.

It rare today when you hear someone recommend a Movie as a must see in a a theater.

I think theres no question that the fact we have a smartphone connected with instagram, facebook, vine, satisfys our craving to be entertainined – and in micro bits and is impacting the entertainment in profound ways.


Judging by the amount of global vine stars coming to stardom in the online world, with hundreds of thousands of fans – the opportunity is great for the truly talented.

Setup A/B Testing in One Hour! Optimize is amazing!

Have to give a big shout out to Optomizely. Optomizely is an amazing tool that make a/b testing so easy, maybe too easy, for the fact that you want to just go ahead and start A/B testing everything your site!!!

I really liked super easy web editor that allows you to adjust elements on the page right in the browser, with any need to download / upload files to the server.

All you need to initiate Optomizely is to insert the .js code in to the top of head tag on your .phtml file.

The HTML Editor in Optomizely is amazing and I wish they would put out the editor as a standalone tool for editing pages on the fly.

Heres’s an of the variations of test setup on my initial tests:

This is our original page, as is.

This is our original page, as is.

No side column.

No side column.

This is the first variation of the page. As you can see the numbers are highlighted blue, along with the links.

This is the first variation of the page. As you can see the numbers are highlighted blue, along with the links.